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Community Energy - Communities for Renewables CIC 9

Communities for Renewables CIC is a specialist advisory company that helps local energy enterprises, local authroities and commercial developers to develop, finance and manage renewable energy generation schemes that are owned by and run for the benefit of the local community. CfR was set up by a team of highly experienced renewable energy, finance and legal professionals, with the support of RegenSW. CfR works through a combination of in-house expertise and a network of associates and partners, including local energy enterprises we work with who have developed useful expertise. This map shows all of our projects to date. We're proud to have been a part of their journey and to be contributing to the development of local energy markets across the UK. Our work allows local communities to harness their renewable potential and empowers them to utilise the revenues of energy generation for community benefit campaigns. Visit our website for more information -

Communities for Renewables - Overview of Our Work

Nov 27 2017

CfR is a specialist advisory company that helps local energy enterprises, local authorities and commercial developers to develop, finance and manage renewable energy generation schemes that are owned by and run for the benefit of the local community. We help local energy enterprises in a range of areas, from shared ownership structures, to investment support, company management and local energy market development. We have helped raise over £30 million in capital, install over 50 solar projects totalling 30MW of power, and our projects are estimated to generate over £13 million in surplus income for local community projects

Wadebridge Energy Company - WREN

Nov 27 2017

In 2014 the Wadebridge Energy Company was established to enable the benefits of renewable generation, both domestic and community scale, to be retained locally. It has developed a 100kW solar array at Nanstallon to power a South West Water sewage treatment works next door. It provides around £500 community benefit each year to Lanivet parish council. Visit Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network's website here -

Ernesettle Solar Farm - PEC Renewables

Nov 27 2017

Ernesettle Solar Farm is Plymouth’s largest solar array, generating enough clean energy to meet the annual needs of 1000 homes and long-term funds for local economic development, fuel poverty and climate change projects! Visit Plymouth Energy Community's website here -

Tamar Energy Community (TEC)

Nov 27 2016

We’re celebrating our Community Solar investment across the Tamar Valley. Working with local organisations we’ve installed 325kW of community owned solar PV across six sites. Visit Tamar Energy Community's website here -

Plymouth Energy Community (PEC)

Nov 27 2017

The solar installations help reduce energy bills for the host building, provide great educational benefits and the surplus funds will be transferred to Plymouth Energy Community to continue to tackle the challenges of energy costs, fuel poverty and climate change. Combined with our 2014 solar roofs, we are already saving host schools and organisations a whooping £90,000 per year. Visit Plymouth Energy Community's website here -

Burnham and Weston Energy CIC (Wick Farm)

Nov 27 2017

Burnham and Weston Energy CIC is a new local energy company which generates electricity from the sun which converts into income to support community projects in the Burnham and Weston area and help households struggling with fuel poverty. Visit Burnham and Weston Energy CIC's website here -

Avalon Community Energy

Nov 27 2017

ACE started life in February 2013 with the objective to take positive action in the face of growing local fuel poverty, energy security, and climate change. We wanted to be part of the answer and were determined that energy solutions we implemented reflected the views of the local community. Having listened to what people have said through public meetings, consultation, and our facebook page, ACE realised that its priority needs to be the establishment of a secure, resilient locally-owned energy supply for Avalon, provided by installations of renewable energy. Visit Avalon Community Energy's website here -

Nadder Community Energy (NCE)

Nov 27 2017

Nadder Community Energy is a Community Benefit Society set up to deliver renewable energy to local people, create a community fund and promote energy efficiency and alternative clean energy.We are always wanting to hear from people who would like to get involved in supporting our work. Visit Nadder Community Energy's website here -

Gawcott Fields Community Solar

Nov 27 2017

A new community solar farm has been built at Gawcott Fields Farm, between Buckingham and Gawcott. The 4.17 megawatt solar array is made up of over 16,000 solar panels and is expected to generate over 4 million kWh of renewable electricity each year. That’s equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of around 1,000 homes! Visit Gawcott Fields Community Solar's website here -

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