Our mission is to bring people and communities together to create positive change through the power of mapping.
Pixxcell.Our mission.
Pixxcell is the power of
people, maps and visual
We work to bring data to life and engage people to create new perspectives and new understanding.

We love maps.

Why? To be a bit nerdy the visualisation of mapped data turns us on. Because we believe that maps make data mean more. They give us more information, more context and new perspectives.

In short they empower us to understand. They really do turn on our minds to so much more.

The nerdy bit

Geographic data is much more visual and pattern oriented than most. With one quick glance at a map containing data about a topic you can ascertain a number of things in just a few seconds- for example you have an instant snapshot of how wide spread that topic is and which areas are the hotspots. Then you can drill down further to explore specific areas based on what you see from looking at the entirety.

This characteristic of instant context is lost when the data is contained in spreadsheets, charts and graphs that are designed for words and numbers and require in-depth analysis to derive any real meaning from.

We believe that the visualisation of data can lead to new understanding and be incredibly powerful.

Creating an inspiring outlook fuels a journey of discovery
Pixxcell. Our mission.
Often we don’t understand the context of the problem we are trying to solve or the topic we are trying to know more about. Geography is great at putting this context in place and information from multiple sources plotted on a map can be a catalyst for great insight.
Ideas become a lot more persuasive when you add ‘where’ to the ‘what’ and the ‘why’. Visuals are compelling- they breathe life into your data, telling the stories that can help you change peoples minds.
There is still no app for great ideas. Sharing new findings and perspective encourages collaboration. Collaboration leads to conversation. Conversation leads to eureka moments.
“Tell me and I’ll forget,
show me and I may remember,
involve me and I’ll understand”