Start a Map: Start a Movement
Pixxcell enables you to create a community around the stuff that matters to you.
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How does it work?
  • You create a map.
  • Add an image or two to kick things off.
  • Share your map with friends, family and social networks and watch it grow.
  • You get notified everytime someone adds an image to your map.
We call them 'Maps that Matter': photo maps about the things, people and places you care about.
Create a crowdsourced photo map
Mobilise an army. Engage your members and customers to come together and create a map around the very things that align with your values and goals.
Whatever you want to create a map around- from potholes in your neighbourhood to the best sunsets from across the globe- Pixxcell enables you to seed an idea and watch it grow.
Community Guidelines

Your photos your copyright.
We won’t use your photos without
permission so please don’t use any
one elses.

Honest photography.
Enhance don’t manipulate. If it
wasn’t there don’t put it there.

Be Nice.
Discuss, communicate and debate.
Do not abuse each other.

No nudity please.
We’re sure there’s a map in it- but
this isn’t the place.

Join the photo mapping movement
Create a map
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