Pixxcell is a time-travelling atlas with a mission to excite and provoke the human memory.


The desire to know, it’s what makes us human. We ask questions because we want to find out, discover and dream. Knowledge nourishes our soul. We love strange, interesting or rare places, people and customs. They fascinate us and draw us in. We’re hooked. Curiosity never killed any cats. It sparked man’s greatest achievements. To boldly go…

Visual Stimulation

We live in a hyper-visual world. Images are everywhere. We want to excite and delight the hell out of you with the best of the world's six trillion photos. We edit out eyesores and curate worlds that reorient the soul. We are fashion stylists to big data. Searching makes you numb and dumb. Seeing lifts and shifts you.

Adventure & Enthusiasm

We help people escape, explore, discover and lose themselves. It’s in our hearts to travel in the mind as well as in the body. We hire hungry types who are hell bent on breaking something to change something. Our radar is always on. Lust for the unknown. Do the things we’re scared of.


The easy way is the dead end. It’s the cliff-face that inspires us, as it did Tensing. Ideas are born ugly, but with a few risks they can flower. Much of the time we’re trying things that doubters would ditch. With all our energy, all our time, all our belief and all our love, it might just work.

Perspective & Fairness

Subjectivity sucks. Perspective is everything. We tell place-based stories to bring objectivity to the world of images. We want to know the truth about a place. We believe history can and should be written by everyone. Like you, we're independent and love the freedom that brings. We give you the power to explore worlds without censoring.

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